Cloud computing is changing the IT landscape for small-medium enterprises (SMEs) by making scalable infrastructure and capabilities available as services. It is a paradigm where computing resources are available when needed, and you pay for their use in much the same way as you do for household utilities.

IT planning should begin with an understanding of the overall business strategy. In our experience, many businesses, irrespective of their size, lack business-IT alignment; hence IT planning becomes a matter of trying to hit a moving target and they are operating IT assets that are of questionable value to the business.



At 25sevenIT, we analyse your existing IT infrastructure and develop a custom plan for your business. Each business has specific needs and some applications should remain local, whilst others are better suited for the cloud. Through our review process, we will help you make the right decisions for your business.


The transition from your local network to a cloud-based service requires a transition period. Transferring your company’s entire data from one system to another is a tricky and precarious process – one that 25sevenIT is already fluent in. 25sevenIT promises to make the transition as smooth as possible for you and your employees, while ensuring that all data is preserved and organised over the course of the transition.

When implemented strategically, Cloud Computing can help your business:

  • increase revenue
  • reduce long-term IT costs
  • attract new customers
  • improve cash flow
  • maintain profitability
  • react to ever-changing market conditions


Your cloud environment is monitored and maintained 24x7x365 as part of your fixed fee for our Managed IT Services. We take total ownership of your entire IT infrastructure and include unlimited remote and on-site support and will deal with all 3rd party cloud providers on your behalf.


Why move to the cloud?

  • Cost. Cloud based email and productivity applications can offer predictable monthly costs based on usage, much more affordable upfront costs versus traditional on-premise solutions, and help minimise on-going operations expenses.
  • Implementation Time. Cloud based solutions can be deployed in a matter of days compared to weeks or months for most on-premise solutions. With no hardware or software procurement the 25sevenIT team can get right to work setting up your cloud based services straight away.
  • Perfect for small to medium sized businesses. With its ease of use, low cost, and scalability; cloud based solutions are often a great fit for small to medium sized companies while still offering all the benefits of traditional, onsite solutions.
  • Built-in protection. Cloud based solutions generally have built in backup and recovery options that you never have to worry about or invest in.
  • Mobility and Remote Working. The ability to access your data and applications from anywhere at any time using any device such as mobile phone or tablet.

FREE Cloud Readiness Assessment

As a prospective customer, we would like to offer you a FREE Cloud Readiness Assessment and cost analysis. This Assessment has three parts:

  1. Cost Analysis and Inventory: Our first step is to look at what your current network consists of in hardware, licenses, data, and applications. Next, we compile an IT cost assessment to reveal your total spend on IT, including internet connectivity, support and other fees. Most business owners have never really looked at their entire IT costs this way and often this report alone is an eyeer. Why do we do this? Because our goal is to find ways we can significantly lower those costs while simplifying and improving your workflow.
  2. Health Check: We will perform an audit of your entire network to look for potential problems, security loopholes, spyware and other hidden problems that you might not know about. Often we find faulty backups, out-of-date anti-virus software, faulty firewalls and missing security patches that, if left unaddressed, could end up costing you MORE in new hardware, support, business downtime and data loss.
  3. Cloud Readiness: After we’ve looked at the above areas, we then look at how you and your employees work and share information and see what applications or processes we can safely move to the cloud to improve ease of use and, of course, lower costs.

When complete, we’ll give you a Cloud Action Plan that shows you, in plain English, how we can save you money and resolve a number of work-arounds and problems you may have been experiencing to date. Even if you decide not to hire us, having a third party conduct this type of assessment will provide you with invaluable information on saving money and the security and health of your computer network.

How To Request Your FREE Cloud Readiness Assessment:

Call or email Mark now on 07774 957838 or mark.hanson@25sevenIT.com or fill out this form: