Businesses today face an increasing number of threats to their IT systems. The continuous proliferation of malicious code and expanding hacker sophistication are formidable challenges for small and medium sized businesses to address.

25sevenIT provides comprehensive solutions to help our customers understand security exposures and protect systems and networks from ever growing and evolving threats of virus, spyware, spam and hacker intrusions. Our solutions deliver effective, easy to manage and affordable security capabilities that protect business critical information and can readily adapt to ever-changing threats.

We address five main areas of security:

  • Governance: Assess current IT security measures to identify vulnerabilities in application, information, network and internet security as well as ensure compliance with industry and government regulations.
  • Data Security: Protect valuable data at the application and system levels to address mobile user and policy level security requirements
  • Access Management: Protect assets and information for unauthorised access.
  • Physical Security: Defend against threats to physical assets - laptops, servers and the data centre - with surveillance.
  • Threat Mitigation: Proactively monitor and block external threats to the infrastructure, confidential data, applications and services.

Recently, we have seen a disturbing rise in the number of businesses suffering significant financial and productivity losses due to employees inappropriately using the internet and e-mail during work hours. It is also becoming easier for employees to copy and remove sensitive data - online or via USB drives or similar highly portable media.

25sevenIT will design employee policies and put security measures in place to prevent critical data being lost, copied or destroyed – after all, it is also your company’s reputation which is at stake.

65% of data leaks occur via email making email security a critical part of a company’s IT strategy. Email is a popular tool for criminals on the internet because of the wide population of systems and users available to interact with on an almost entirely anonymous basis. Whether the attack is simply spam based or a complicated and directed threat the intention is frequently financially motivated and the target is often random.

Our email security solution stops unwanted spam blocking up your system and wasting staff time. It also stops viruses, trojans, phishing, other malware and converging threats from reaching your network. Additionally, if your email server goes down, you can continue to send and receive new emails.

If you are looking for absolute peace of mind knowing that your company is fully protected, we can help you:

  • Conduct on-site security audits to pinpoint where you are vulnerable to not only viruses and hacker attacks, but also overlooked internal security threats
  • Build an extremely powerful, multi-layer line of defence against viruses, hackers, and security breaches
  • Clean and restore your network if already infected by a virus
  • Provide on-going system maintenance and support to make sure you always have the most powerful and up-to-date security and virus protection in place
  • Design employee policies and training programs to minimise your risk of employees spreading viruses both within your organisation and to your clients
  • Develop a data back up system that enables you to recover in the event of a severe virus infection, hacker attack, and even natural disasters such as floods, fires, and severe storms