We Need The Peace of Mind That Our Computer Systems Will Work

We signed up with 25sevenIT’s Exceptional IT Support because we need the peace of mind that our computer systems will work when we switch them on in the morning. The biggest benefit for us is the reassurance that the system is being monitored proactively and that there is a very quick and efficient response when minor problems do occur. We see the computer system as a tool. If it is running smoothly, this allows us to focus on what is important to us, running and developing our business.

Director Impromptu

'Can-do' and flexible attitude

The changing nature of project work along with its fast pace and short deadlines means our requirements and their timeframes are liable to change at short notice. 25sevenIT have accommodated a number of changes, urgent requests and have assisted us with matters beyond what we would ordinarily expect. The "can do" and flexible attitude with which they have approached working with us has made our work easier and more enjoyable!

Excellent value for money
" 'Can-do' and flexible attitude"

We feel that we have received excellent value for money in contracting 25sevenIT. This is of particular importance as we are publicly funded, and are conscious of spending our resources efficiently and wisely"

Project Administrator FE Self Regulation

Successful Move to The Cloud With Microsoft 365

We looked at a few different IT support companies but the main reason we hired 25sevenIT was that they seemed like they really wanted to work with us and it wasn’t all about the money....After talking with us about our future plans and business goals and discussing the various options available to us, 25sevenIT recommended a full deployment to Microsoft Office365. At first we were a bit concerned about the move as ‘The Cloud’ is a new area for us but we needn’t have worried. The implementation went really smoothly and now, almost 12 months on, we have a lot healthier and more stable environment across the company…. We also had lots of historical IT issues that needed dealing with which 25sevenIT has picked up on and sorted out and they are always on hand to answer any other questions. I just want to say ‘thanks’ and keep doing what you are doing and focusing on the customer.

Managing Director Global Hospitality Recruitment

We No Longer Have IT Problems Cropping Up

What we love most about 25sevenIT’s support plan is that we no longer have IT problems cropping up on a day to day basis like we used to. Everything just runs smoothly the way it should…the all-inclusive monthly fee saves us at least 30% on our previous IT costs when we just waited for something to break before we rang someone to come in and fix it. We just get on with making sales while 25sevenIT look after our network in the background.

Director EasyScore

They are polite, respond fast and show a genuine interest

I used to find it very stressful when our system went down and it took forever to get anyone to respond or sort it out. With 25sevenIT it is completely different. They are polite, respond fast and show a genuine interest in our business. As Chief Technology Officer, I am comfortable with most aspects of IT but there are certain skills areas where I have gaps and your services are invaluable in filling those gaps. I really appreciated the time you took to sit down with me initially and discuss what I needed and then fit your services around those requirements. We now have a structured technology plan which is in line with our overall business plan and our systems are running much more smoothly.

Chief Technology Officer HPCI Media

A very cost effective way of buying peace of mind

It is not an easy decision to outsource your IT, and we have had issues in the past, so we looked very carefully at a number of options before deciding on 25sevenIT. Overall, they were more responsive, very experienced and really seemed to understand the needs of our business.

We are a tough customer but they consistently exceed our expectations. They are always available with a professional, yet friendly voice when we need them and solve most issues remotely within minutes. They also come into the office on a regular basis to conduct general maintenance and security updates which keep our systems running smoothly. We find their knowledgeable input at our monthly review meetings particularly helpful in ensuring that our IT infrastructure is always developing in line with our strategic growth plans. As a public company we need our IT spend to be as accountable as anything else in the business and the monthly service contract has proved to be a very cost effective way of buying peace of mind.

Financial Director Association of Colleges

25sevenIT has an obvious passion for what they do...

We contacted 25sevenIT when we were having problems with our computer system. They explained the issues in 'plain' (non-technical) English which allowed us to make an educated decision on the best way forward and agree upon a sensible and cost effective solution.

25sevenIT are very approachable and always quick to respond, whether we have a simple enquiry or a more urgent technical problem. This is important because much of our business is conducted via the internet and email so we need a reliable and professional resource to call upon when issues arise. This allows us to continue servicing our customers without disruption.

25sevenIT has an obvious passion for what they do and will go above and beyond in order to deliver. These days it is very reassuring to deal with a company with such a positive 'can do' attitude. Their customer service is second to none and I would not hesitate to recommend them to any business looking for an approachable, reliable and professional IT support company.

Managing Director Jam For Tea

25SEVENIT Has Integrity And is Honest

We were looking for a new company to support our IT because the level of service we were getting from our previous provider was untenable. At the time we were also in the process of moving to Invenias, a new CRM database. When Invenias heard about our technology problems they didn’t hesitate to recommend 257IT as they had other clients who were very happy being supported by 25sevenIT and thoroughly recommended them. The fact that this was a proven partnership made it that much easier to move to from our existing supplier and it has made a huge difference to our business.

Since hiring 25sevenIT, we have experienced negligible down time and staff are definitely more productive. It is a fact in business that technology is just expected to work - there is often very little thanks for when it works and a whole lot of moaning when it doesn’t. As a company they are always available to discuss any issues or problems. Since moving to 257IT, moaning has become a thing of the past.

I would very definitely recommend 25sevenIT to other companies. Mark Hanson has integrity and is honest - two qualities that are essential when outsourcing IT support and management.

Consultant Healy Hunt - Intelligence Led Recruitment

I Can Now Concentrate On Moving Our Business Forward Rather Than Worrying About Our Systems

We chose 25sevenIT because we were looking for a pro-active company with a broad range of IT skills who understood the commercial complexities of our business. As a player in the bar and leisure industry with over 50 venues throughout the UK, it is essential our computer and EPOS Systems are fully operational at all times as otherwise the impact on trade and sales would be a disaster for us. The guys at 25sevenIT have been fantastic – they quickly understood the specialised needs of our business and were making improvements from day one. I highly recommend 25sevenIT and would be happy to talk to any prospective customer about the exceptional level of service we receive and the positive impact it has had on our staff and our business. I can now concentrate on moving the business forward rather than worrying about our systems.

Finance Director Novus Leisure

As our company was growing, we decided that we needed to overhaul our IT, make sure our backups were secure, disaster recovery was in place and also improve reliability and crisis management. We had been recommended 25sevenIT and they seemed ideally focussed on our small but growing business. Since they have come on board we have experienced improved functionality, remote support, much reduced down time and no hassle. We have grown substantially as the overall market has recovered and without our state of the art software and hardware and dedicated help from 25sevenIT this would not have been possible. We would recommend them to any other business that would like to receive the same fantastic results.

Managing Director Beaumont Wood Recruitment

Before 25sevenIT came along, our IT support was very painful. Staff had very low expectations and no faith in the IT service we had in place. So we decided to carry out a thorough tendering process for our IT services. We met a number of companies that were more about the ‘sale’ than the customer. 25sevenIT were different in that they came across as being honest and flexible. The biggest benefits we have gained from moving to 25sevenIT are the escalation of difficult problems and the quality of customer service. We have an account manager and if we ever have any issues, he is there to sort them out for us. It is important to us that we are able to get hold of someone as soon as possible and that they are able to communicate information in a way that a staff with low IT experience is able to understand.

Assoc CIPD Construction Products Association