Our Technology Consulting Adds Huge Value to All Our Customers

At 25sevenIT we design an IT vision for all our customers. We call this the ‘25sevenIT Company Way’ and this makes us different from all other IT Support companies. We will look at your current situation, examine any areas where your IT is out of alignment with business goals and agree a Technology Plan and a Budget to move you strategically towards achieving your IT Vision.

25sevenIT is set up with all the processes and best practices in place to deliver this Vision to our customers. Our company and our support offering are designed around achieving this end result which will have a positive impact upon your business and redefine the way you view your technology.

All our Managed Services customers are provided with a Technology Consultant (a virtual CIO) who has the specific task of ensuring that your IT is always aligned with your business goals so that technology is viewed as an investment rather than a cost centre within your business.

Your Current Situation

  • No confidence in existing IT support
  • Problems with computers crashing
  • Reactive Support Solution
  • Unpredictable performance
  • Connectivity and server outages affecting employee productivity
  • Remote access inconsistent
  • Outdated hardware replacement and procurement policy
  • Thin Client technology – slow and unreliable

(and Budget)

Your IT Vision

  • Proactive Support
  • Predictable Performance - no downtime or surprises
  • Increased Functionality
  • Increased Productivity
  • Reduced Risk
  • Reduced Capital Costs

Alignment with Your IT Vision will have a huge positive impact on the greatest cost and the greatest asset to your business: your PEOPLE


Many of Our customers say that our Technology Consulting is the Single Biggest Business Advantage They Receive From Us

How We Do IT:

IT Support from 25sevenIT can most easily be illustrated using our unique ‘4 blocks’ approach below. Most IT support companies will include blocks 1 and 4 in their managed services offering. They will provide Proactive Centralised Services and Reactive Support via a help desk. Where 25sevenIT support is different, is in the area of Network Administration and Technology Consulting. All our customers are provided with a dedicated Network Administrator and a dedicated Technology Consultant (virtual Chief Information Officer).

The Network Administrator has several key functions:

  • Develop and maintain knowledge of the client environment
  • Perform regular, onsite services
  • Implement the “25sevenIT Company Way” using our Best Practices and associated processes
  • Client Satisfaction

The role of your vCIO is to tie together the other 3 areas using our Technology Summary:

Whilst we have a Vision for the technology of our customers, we realise that you don’t have an unlimited budget so there will be areas where it is not possible to ‘fit into the box’ at all times. It is the job of your vCIO to (a) show you the ‘ideal box’ and (b) show you where you have technical exposure and then to discuss with you whether or not that technical exposure creates any business risk so that you can make the best business decisions.

We will take your entire IT infrastructure and put everything into a simple business format which will give you control over your IT decisions and over your IT costs. Once agreed, we will take this Technology Summary (please contact us for an example Technology Summary) and put it into a Plan with an associated Budget. This will result in two things:

  1. You will know that your technology is being run in the most cost-effective way because of the processes and the tools which we apply, and
  2. You will know that you have the knowledge to make the best possible business decisions using the information we give you about your technology, coupled with what you know about how to run your business.
IT Strategy Consulting

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No Pressure Sales Promise
We take a unique approach to our initial client meetings. There will be no pressure to buy from us. In fact, around half the customers we meet with never buy a thing, and that’s okay. We want to make sure the fit is right for both of us. No matter what, everyone we meet walks away saying they have gained valuable insight on how to improve their technology and their business.

Here is what we will discuss in our initial meeting:

  • How your competitors are using technology in their businesses.
  • Ideas that will make your business more profitable through the use of technology.
  • Strategies that will save your business money and improve efficiency with technology.
  • Ways to improve your network and fix ongoing problems.
  • How we handle support and why our way is different and better.
  • We'll review your network and discuss any issues or questions you have.

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