25SEVENIT Has Integrity And is Honest

We were looking for a new company to support our IT because the level of service we were getting from our previous provider was untenable. At the time we were also in the process of moving to Invenias, a new CRM database. When Invenias heard about our technology problems they didn’t hesitate to recommend 257IT as they had other clients who were very happy being supported by 25sevenIT and thoroughly recommended them. The fact that this was a proven partnership made it that much easier to move to from our existing supplier and it has made a huge difference to our business.

Since hiring 25sevenIT, we have experienced negligible down time and staff are definitely more productive. It is a fact in business that technology is just expected to work - there is often very little thanks for when it works and a whole lot of moaning when it doesn’t. As a company they are always available to discuss any issues or problems. Since moving to 257IT, moaning has become a thing of the past.

I would very definitely recommend 25sevenIT to other companies. Mark Hanson has integrity and is honest - two qualities that are essential when outsourcing IT support and management.

Healy Hunt - Intelligence Led Recruitment